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#1 What is Psi Power? Psi is pronounced like the word Sigh. Psi is a shortening of the word Parapsychological: a phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis. Common distinctions are between 'life energy', 'earth energy', and psi energy. Psi Power is a natural source found in all life and is able to be directed and amplified through the Human will. Commonly thought of as Mind over Matter, Psi power is the source between our conscious directed thought process and what we observe as a change or effect in the manfest or experiential field.

#2 What are Psi Gatherings? Psi Gatherings are linked together by intention through Psychic, Mind and Heart energy sources. Participates can amplify their intentions by clear common purpose. Linking together for the betterment of any situation will guide the ultimate outcome to the best direction. Physically being gathered together in the same place can amplify the energy being created. Whether it is one or many gathered it is about the nature of one's heart that will carry the actual power to harmonize. Often a few gathered with a clear intent will carry further than many gathered with unclear intent. Wherever ones gather is a honored circle of equals each provided a space to nourish and bring gifts forth for the benefit of this circle and wider and wider circles everywhere.

#3 What are Heart Structuring Excercises? Using energies found in nature, heart structuring aligns our central energy self (heart) with base flows of energy found in color, shape and balanced structures. Intentional alignment with the life energy that flows between these three can harmonize every part of your being and send structured life energy to better our world. Clarity is attained as conscious breathing is incorporated into exercises drawing in life energy. Conscious structuring of base life energies flowing between color and shape can bring greater alignment into every area of our lives.

#4 Why is Rubik's Cube used in Heart Structuring Excercises? Professor Erno Rubik taught university students architectural designs as related to space and dimension. Later the cube was made into the world's most recognizable mind toy. Professor Rubik has spent his life in research and development all the three dimensional shapes used in heart structuring exercises. His work with universal structures was brought to a further synchronistic level when natural rainbow colors were mathematically overlaid into the base geometric designs and nodal points.

#5 What does this have to do with Sacred Geometry? For hundreds of years astronomers, mathematicians and philosophers have all taken measurements of moving systems, earth and stars and have mapped their precise interconnectiveness. Plato combined Pure Solids show casing the complete balance between Sphere, Cube and Tetrahedron. It is his science we get the word plutonic meaning pure. Da Vinchi also mapped natural energy structures. He is world renowned for his "Geo-Man" drawing as shown on the above illustration. Today's science has taken the Da Vinchi code to another level as Heart energy mapping is showing the connection between emotion and electromagnetic patterns. These patterns are the make up of our energy structures and designed by nature to flow freely and systematically .

#6 Why should I spend time doing Heart Structuring Exercises? Practices that involve using the mind and breathe simultaneously have been shown to increase energetic activity toward balancing the hemispheres of the brain and heart. Both, being structured similarly, respond to and generate energetic conscious demands. Aligning light-producing brain and heart to consciously generated structured light can bring a sense of overall alignment into one's life. Practice aligning to primal nodal points and color perspectives of base geometric shapes can place one truly at the center of a more fully activated grid matrix improving one's self and the world around them they seek to align with.

#7 How does Heart Structuring benefit me and our World? Colors are part of the electromagnetic spectrum of light. It has been shown the heart is producing these waves of energized light. Harmonious thoughts, words and actions produce synchronistic waves of energy. These merge and energize with life source all they touch. In the same way nature does, training the mind, heart and spirit to move along synchronistic paths of least resistance brings all energy systems into balance. A heart that is balanced and full of light will project the same out to energetically structure a better world.


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