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Love Illuminations ~ The Book

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Love Illuminations
Aquarian Age Word of Spiritual Freedom


Our Shared Light

As We Move Into 2012...
You light up my life. When I am with you our lights come together and become as one. The light we share is the light all human beings, indeed all life, share. It is the light of Divine Source.

You, as you move into my heart flame, bring an added measure of Love to my life. Oh, the glory of it, to feel your love while you share my love. Our love lights the earth.
When you come forth in mighty power, yet with the peace of a daisy in the summer rain, I feel this peace and I am nourished by its awesome beauty and power.
We have now joined one with the nature of Divine Source. Thank you for your light, love and peace. Your grace gives me hope.



We are entering into the Aquarian Age. This is a time when the outpouring of the Knowledge of Spirit will flow abundantly. In this book you will find 150 writings of affirmation and wisdom to guide you to fully embracing and dancing within this Age of Spiritual Freedom. Each writing is a reflection of the human condition. Through the spectrum of struggle to victory you will feel the connection for we are all one, each of us seeking peace and happiness. These writings came into creation as part of my morning meditation and devotion. Every morning I had one simple request... “To bring forth the highest and the best to be of the greatest benefit to all of Humanity.” You may also wish to make these a part of your meditations or simply draw upon them “randomly” to nourish your soul. Feel free to substitute your Teachers, Guides or Masters names in place of words like Mother/Father God or Divine Source. All Paths lead to the One and All Paths are Holy when Pursued in Love. May this book be of Divine Service to this One that we may All find our way back Home to Love.

By David Shepard-Love

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©2011 David Shepard-Love, All Rights Reserved


Nature's Wonder

Glory be to Divine Source and the glories of Creation for it has been to brought to light that through this light we may be conscious of the wonders of nature. It is all so beautiful.
What a gift these flowers and trees and birds are... All in perfect order with the millions of other facets of the Creator's work. What a marvel it is that we, too, have had our hand in this creation. It came from Divine Source and became manifest as we became conscious of it.
The beauty you see, it came from the beauty of Human. All things that are wonderful came about because We are wonderful. Be not fooled by the skeptics for you are the Creator. You have the power to Love.

Divine's Crystal Ball

Come and look into my crystal ball and you will see visions of Grandeur of a world to come. Not the sob story some would lead you to believe, but one of victory and success for all of mankind, indeed all life.
The hungry, homeless and tempest tossed will feel the love coming from the hearts of humanity and feel the freedom only the Masters now enjoy.
The Garden will be on earth and the abundance of Universal Divine Source will flow as a mighty river bringing life anew and a sweet healing to the nations.
Love will prove its glorious connection as its abounding power brings Joy to the Seekers of Peace.







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